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1982: AT&T Breakup, Falklands War

By Patrick Mondout

The Falkland's War was the major international story.

Major Stories

January 8: The Justice Department and AT&T agree to a consent decree to end a battle that first started in 1974. AT&T agrees to divest itself of its local telephone operations (the "Baby Bells").
January 13: An icy Air Florida 737 crashes into Washington, D.C.'s 14th Street Bridge and plunges into the Potomac killing 78.
January 24: The San Francisco 49ers defeat the Cincinnati Bengals 26-21 in Super Bowl XVI.
March 3: Comedian and actor John Belushi dies from a drug overdose in Hollywood.
March 19: Argentine forces land on South Georgia Island in the British Falklands Islands.
March 25: Nicaraguan strongman Daniel Ortega (who was later accused by his step-daughter of sexual abuse) suspends his country's constitution following the destruction of two bridges near the Honduran border by anti-Sandinista rebels the previous day.
April 2: Argentinean General Galtieri announces he has "retaken" the Falkland Islands (see March 19) and an eager British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher orders British naval forces to the area.
May 11: The formation of the United States Football League (USFL), which is to to compete with the NFL with spring/summer games, is announced.
April 5: The Falkland's War claims its first political casualty when Lord Carrington resigns as Foreign Secretary.
June 20: Official end to the hostilities known as the Falkland's War six days after the Argentines surrendered.
July 9: A Pan Am 727 crashes on takeoff in a thunderstorm in Louisiana killing all 146 on board and eight on the ground.
September 9: Princess Grace, the former movie star Grace Kelly, was killed in a car accident.
September 14: Lebanese Prime Minister Bashir Gemayel was assassinated by a car bomb parked outside his party's Beirut headquarters.
October 1: After a vote of no confidence by his party, Helmut Schmidt is out as Chancellor of Germany. Helmut Kohl replaces him.
October 8: The Polish government bans the opposition party Solidarity.
October 19: Carmaker John DeLorean is arrested for selling cocaine to undercover police. He was later found "not guilty", due to entrapment.
November 10: Leonid Brezhnev, leader of the Soviet Union from Khrushchev's death in 1964, dies at age 75 from heart and lung problems.
November 12: Yuri Andropov becomes the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party's Central Committee, succeeding the late Leonid Brezhnev.
November 14: Solidarity's (see October 8) leader Lech Walesa is released after 11 months in captivity.
December 2: Barney Clark receives the first artificial heart transplant in Salt Lake City. He lives for three months.


Prime Minister Thatcher of England is welcomed by Secretary of State Alexander Haig for a visit to the U.S. a week after the Falkland's War ended.

Courtesy of DOD

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