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Matt Houston

We've not had time to write about this TV show yet. If you were a fan, we'd love to have you help us out by writing a synopsis or review!


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Do you have a favorite episode of Matt Houston? What do you remember about the series? Share your stories with the world! (We print the best stories right here!)

Your Memories Shared!

"I don't have a favorite epsoide I just thought Lee Horsely was the most gorgeous man on television. That is the only reason why I watched the show just to see him. Loved his facial expressions and his mustache."


"My favorite Matt Houston episode was The Hunted with Mark Shera. I was a big fan of his and tried to watch everything he guest-starred on."


"I loved the Matt Houston series. Dennis Fimple added a lot of character to the show. I never missed an episode and was sorry when John Aprea left the show. Penny Stanton as Mama Novelli was a cutie."


"It was formulaic, but the formula appealed to the kid in me. Always a fisfight at the end! Always a bevy of purty ladies who threw themselves at Matt, as he sidestepped them as though they were road apples trying to sully his kangaroo skin boots. Listen to Matt talk with your eyes closed. He sounds just like Rockford!"


"My favorite episode and really freaked me out was the one with Chuck Conners. Hhe played this psycho bad guy and the look on his face through the whole show sent chills down my spine!! Great actor!!!"


"I remember when the show Matt Houston was airing. I was a fan. I was singing in a church choir at the time. I was attending church 3 to 5 days a week. I was only 19 years old and wanted to marry someone just like Matt Houston. This was a great show not to mention that Matt was easy on the eyes. I just am in love with shows like Gunsmoke and men who wear cowboy boots and hats. I grew up listening to country music. My parents downstairs always had a western flair in the decor and I was surrounded by that. Thanks for the memories Matt. You were my hero!!!"


"The one episode I remember was when the psycho guy who was after C.J. Parsons and Matt Houston. It was Houston's Birthday and he blew up a cake intended for Houston, but LT. police who was close friends with Houston got in the way and after he kidnapped C.J., Houston went after him. Love seeing Houston with that gun and saving C.J. I was only 11 when this show aired and I remember I always jealous of C.J. sometimes."


"I loved this show and remember getting a sweartshirt made that read "I Love Lee Horsley". My favorite episode was the season 2 finale when Houston was framed for murder and went on the run. A the end of the episode he calls CJ to let her know he's okay and she says those three magic words: "I love you. " I went beserk and thought I was finally going to get what I'd wanted for two seasons. But of course when the third season aired, nothing ever happened and Houston went on to nearly marry some woman who wound up dumping anyway. What a waste of chemistry with Lee and Pamela."


"Hi, I just Loved Matt Houston and still do, I am a Huge admirer of Lee Horsley and collect everything on him possible, one of my favourite episodes is Wanted Man where Matt was on the run from police, I wish someone would release all episodes on DVD, That would be wonderful."


"Hi my favorite episodes were any one that broght the feelings between Matt and CJ to the surface. I loved "Get Houston" where Chuck Conners kidnapped CJ, and any one where she was kidnapped.
The psycho nurse one with Kristen Meadows was cool. one of my favorites was when Matt and CJ were kidnapped by Martin Landau who played mark Shera's terrorist father. Yeah that was way cool!"


"My favorite episode was teh one where Matt was having a huge get together of famous/rich people from various parts of the globe to his penthouse. It was a dark, stormy night and one by one the guests were being murdered. The killer blocked off all escape routes, including sabataging BABY, and it was a classic "Who Dun it?""


"I loved Matt Houston. I wanted to be CJ. The chemistry was perfect between these two but TPTB always kept them apart (just like another of my favorite couples. . . Matt Dillon and Kitty). Great entertaining show for the Awesome80s."


"Lee Horsely! Lee Horsely! Just loved "Hawkeye" and was distraught that they discontinued the series. So was my family. I would like to be able to buy all the programs on DVD or Video, but there are only two episodes available and the cost is prohibitive: $24 for a 45 Min. video? I don't think so. Wish someone would just put all the programs on a DVD!"


"I can remember watching Matt Houston, when I was much younger in the Awesome80s. I really loved this television show and always wanted to be a detective, like Matt Houston. The good looks, the muscle, the cool cars, the money, and all the good looking women. I didn't know that TNT, before it changed to SPIKE TV, had shown the Matt Houston episodes. I am hoping and praying that, one day soon it will be released on DVD and I can purchase all of the seasons of it. I miss good cop and detective shows like this and TJ HOOKER."

--John Cox

"I have watched every eppisode of Matt Houston I would recomend, YOU watch every episode, it was a very good series and Lee Hosely was something interesting to watch, esspecialy for the first few episodes before someone, told someone else what we women look for, as he walked towards the screen you saw his belt and your eyes were drawn down. INTERESTING I would watch the whole series again if it was put on sky every story was good. WATCH IT. "


"I enjoyed all the episodes of Matt Houston. He is so goodlooking and has a great sense of humor. I loved his car, the Bearcat, I believe. I also wish that the Matt Houston series would come out in DVD. Shows like that and Magnum PI are scarce these days. I hate all the reality tv shows on today. "




Aired: September 26, 1982 - July 19, 1985

Cast: Lee Horsely, Pamela Hensley, George Wyner, Buddy Ebsen

Network: ABC

Genre: Dectective Drama

Theme song

Image courtesy of ABC

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