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Crazy Like a Fox

By Omelet

One of the all time fun series - private eye and father Harry (Jack Warden) is wild, unpredictable and delightful. lawyer and son Harrison (John Rubenstein) is upwardly mobile, constantly worried by his Dad and yet right in the thick of the off the wall mystery adventures. Add to that Harrison's wide eyed young wife and a son who takes after his grandfather Harry and the uproarious episodes are well worth watching. Some of the underlying themes included: family love and cooperation; sly pokes at contemporary life (still relevant today); understanding between differing types of people. Today's viewers would enjoy a chance to see the few episodes that were made.


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"It was certainly one of my favorite shows of all time. I loved the suspense, comedy, warm family relationships of the three generations, San Francisco scenery, clean language and the theme song played in different styles."


"One of the most underrated series! The relationship between Jack Warden and John Rubinstein was a blast. It just wasn't on for long enough."


"This is definintely THE BEST show of the Awesome80s!. I'm from England and I was only young when it was on but I think it was put on some obscure channel at 11pm or something so it never really become a success.

Jack Warden and John Rubenstein were fabulous in this and created an on-screen chemistry that was just amazing!"


"Crazy Like A Fox was my favorite television program. I taped all of the episodes when they were in rerun on CBN. When they made the tv movie I wrote to the producers and CBS to pick-up the series. The producers wrote back to me thanking me but CBS did not. I read it was the top rated tv movie they had that season but did not pick it up. It probably drew more viewers then than Friends does now. "


"I remember well the last time I ever visited my aunt before she moved away, we sat on her balcony watching squirrels then I hassled mum and dad to take me home so I could watch this ace tv show !!!"




Aired: 1984-1986

Cast: John Rubinstein, Jack Warden

Network: CBS

Genre: Detective Drama

Theme song

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