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Guns N' Roses - Appetite for Destruction RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Rickey Wright

A glimpse of the future, and not because of its huge influence and umpteen million sales. The poor-little-rich-boy protest "Out ta Get Me" intimates that Axl Rose's egotism and martyr complex were soon to grow bigger than his head; still, Appetite's night-train wreck of punk and metal sounds and sensibilities make it more than just an emblem of its time. Whether GN'R are dancing with Mr. Brownstone, penning a callow kiss-off letter to some chick named Michelle, or passing out on somebody else's sofa, this was and remains a savage journey to the heart of the American--or at least the Hollywood--dream.

1. Welcome To The Jungle7. My Michelle
2. It's So Easy8. Think About You
3. Nightrain9. Sweet Child O' Mine
4. Out Ta Get Me10. You're Crazy
5. Mr. Brownstone11. Anything Goes
6. Paradise City12. Rocket Queen


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"While it was Terence Trent D'Arby that restored my faith in Rock n Roll, "Appetite" showed that white boys out there could still rock. The album appropriately starts with "Welcome to the Jungle", a vivid exploration of the dark societal underbelly this album portrays so well. With burning guitar and Axl Rose's venomous lyrics, Guns N Roses burst onto the scene and scared the hell out of our parents again."


"I was a big fan of Gun and Roses. I love thier music and wish that the music was still around. There needs to be a radio station that plays this kind of old music all the time."


"Welcome to the jungle along with Sweet child of mine were the ideal lay abouts while driving. Slash with his guitar and Axl howling away were a good combination as well as the rest of the member's. The follow up albums were excellent it's a pity they parted company."


"This album and group represent rock music. 'Welcome to the Jungle' basically gives a description of how wild and crazy Hollywood was back then. 'Sweet Child of Mine' is a slower song, something that you can hold someone close with. Both of this songs played a lot at the Rainbow in Hollywood. 'Paradise City' is just a great song to rock out to and if you want to get crazy with lyrics, go with 'Anything Goes.'"


"One of the most precarious rock albums of hte Awesome80s.Guns N Roses debut album is still one of the best"Bad Boy Rock Albums" of the the decade since Motley Crue's "Shout At The Devil".Its pure nihilism, over indulgence of sex, and a dose of drug abuse,is the honest messaage that Axl Rose screams. While the PMRC may have been scared to death, (Due to the macabre cover of the original album which was later changed by the group) The fans responded to its message by catapulting its sales to over $20 million and vindicating it as "One of the Best Rock Albums of All time"."


"The rock world may never see anything as awesome as Guns N' Roses when they first burst into the limelight in 1988. Their combination of a mesmorizing stage appearance, catchy but hard- edged pop metal, and truly unique sound made them stand head and shoulders above the competition. "Appetite for Destruction" punches you in the mouth and keeps swinging for almost an hour, starting with the greatest metal hit of all time, "Welcome to the Jungle," and ending with a powerful "Rocket Queen." The follow-up, "Use Your Illusion," was also successful, but inner-band conflict and unpredictable behavior by several of the band members, coupled with changing musical tastes by the public and a less attractive GN'R show eventually lead to their quick exit from the spotlight. But it was wonderful while it lasted."


"Appetite For Destruction by Guns-N-Roses was huge at the time because it sounded like a Super70s rock album with blistering guitars & bad ass attitude since they were supposed to be the second coming of the Stones & Aerosmith which never happened. Guns-N-Roses is all about their one great classic rock album which is Appetite For Destruction because their other ones aren't worth listening to in my opinion like most rock bands from the Awesome80s they were mostly a one album wonder like Ratt & Bon Jovi. [Editor's note: For the record, Bon Jovi has nearly twice (8 versus 5) as many top ten albums to their credit and are still going strong with a #14 album right now. You analogy is way off. Understand that I am neither defending Bon Jovi nor dissin' GNR since I never cared for either.]"

--Wayne L.

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Artist: Guns N' Roses

Released: August 3, 1987

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (14)

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