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Duran Duran - Rio RIAA Certified Multi-Platinum! Click here to see this CD at!

By Beth Bessmer

In the decade of decadence, Duran Duran knew how to live the life. It was reflected in their videos (sailboats, silly white hats, tropical surroundings, grease-painted feral women) and garishly displayed in their public lifestyles. But if you can remove these connotations from the album that started it all, you'll be left with music that is anything but gaudy. For the most part, Rio is an eerie and sumptuous record. With their raspy, arpeggio synth sounds and Simon Le Bon's uninflected vocals, the misty ballads "Lonely in Your Nightmare" and "Save a Prayer" can still tear your heart right out of your chest and abandon it bleeding on a rain-soaked cobblestone street. With the dance-oriented singles "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf," you dry out a bit, but the songs are far from airy or whimsical. One anomaly in this release, though, is the inappropriate prominence of John Taylor's bass lines. In every song, it sounds as if he is mixed more in expectation of a solo than as an integral part of the rhythm section. Ignore this technical distraction, however, and you'll enjoy rediscovering this gorgeous body of water-colored synthpop.

1. Rio6. New Religion
2. My Own Way7. Last Chance On The Stairway
3. Lonely In Your Nightmare8. Save A Prayer
4. Hungry Like The Wolf9. The Chauffeur
5. Hold Back The Rain


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"Rio is by far the best album Duran Duran made, musically speaking. John's bass lines for example are very melodic and appropriate. Furthermore, they display his playing ability very well. Most people never realized just how good a player he really is.

Every album they have made highlight different member's ability. Seven and the Ragged Tiger was a high-point for Nick. Some of Duran's best work however can be found on b-sides. Pity most of them are known only to the most rabid fan."


"Without John Taylor's bass lines, Duran Duran's Rio (or other songs on this album for that matter) would not be the songs we remember today. As said in a previous comment, these bass lines are the driving forces of the songs on the album. Without a doubt, John Taylor is an exceptionlly talented lead bass guitarist merely showing off what he's got in him, much like a singer does with his or her voice."

--Erica A.

"I have to disagree about the bass mixing - I'm listening to 'Last Chance On The Stairway' and the bass part is both excellent and crucial to the song."


"I was just a little girl when my father took me to a Duran Duran concert. Their music had an effect on me that I could not explain.

To this day when I listen to my "Rio" CD, it takes me emotionally to a place where I feel the band is right with me. That's as close to heaven as I've ever been. My favorites off this album are "Lonely In Your Nightmare" and "The Chaffeur"."


"I disagree that the bass is an 'anomaly' in this album. Rio is clearly the best Duran Duran album of all (in my opinion :)), and the bass is a major reason for it."


"I stumbled upon Rio and there is no way that is John Taylor playing bass on Rio. He is an average bass player at best but I do believe all the other bass lines on the other songs are his (much more simple). Correct me if I'm wrong…"

--Thunder Thumbs

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Artist: Duran Duran

Released: May 24, 1982

Availability: CD, Vinyl

Awards:  Platinum (2)

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